To get your license, call or visit:

Municipal Licensing and Standards
Hours of Operation: 8:30 – 4:30
Information Line: (416) 397-5667

                            (416) 392-6700
Fax: 416-392-3102
Address: East York Civic Centre
3rd Floor – 850 Coxwell Avenue
Toronto, ON M4C 5R1

​​​Here's what's not included with the food trucks

1. Exterior Graphics:

You can contact MYC or any wrap design company for a price on your logos, banners or wraps.

​  call 416-907-3579      

2. Generator:

You are expected to provide your own generator, but In the event you can not provide one, we do have rental Generators( 30amps 6,000 watts) that we can supply you with. for $50 per Day!

3. Insurance:

You must insure the vehicle (it's about $300 per month)


​                                                          or call Co-Operators 905-877-0131


​4. Drop Off & Pick Up:
If you're not insuring the truck you can have the truck dropped off and picked up by a 3rd party delivery company. Call: 647-960-7253

5. Permit for your desired city:

We do provide you with the necessary inspections and paper work you'll need to obtain your permit in your desired city or cities, but you will have to bring the truck to your desired city to be permitted. 

​​​​Appliances that could added 
1. Cooler

2. Fridge
3. Chest Freezer 

4. Food Warmer


All electrical is installed and E.S.A inspected

.Truck Plugs into a Generator's 240v  or 110v outlet

.Truck plugs into a building's average 110v or 240v outlet

Canopy window

4' - 5' x 3' hydraulic canopy service window 


Complete Water System

Stainless Steel cabinet frame

Stainless steel counter 

Stainless steel cabinet doors 

Portable fresh water capacity

26gal waste water capacity

6 gallon  hot water heater

Water pump

Double ware wash sinks -hot & cold mixing faucet

Hand wash sink hot & cold mixing faucet

Waste water drain lock off Pipe

Stainless steel counter top

Storage below and a shelf above

 Exterior shelving 

Here's A List of What's Included With 

                #9D 16' Prep Kitchen