Step. 5

Insure it then Drive off with                   your Truck!

Step. 1

Step. 4

1. The deposit is the 1st month's rent (nonrefundable).

There's Also a $1,000 security deposit (refundable).

2. You will be expected to pay for your last month's rent & supply post dated checks for the duration of the rental before you pick up this truck.

Rent A Food Truck Food Truck Rental

   Obtained your city's License & health permit.

You can paint it, place logos  on it or wrap the truck with              your designs.

Start serving your product            to the people.

Reserve a truck that will work best for you.

      Add graphics to the outer appearance of the truck

Here are the 5 EASY steps:

Welcome, Food Trucks are already acknowledged as the MOST affordable way to generate an income in the food business. Please take comfort in knowing that it's most client's FIRST TIMEstarting a Food Truck business!

You only need  G License

     to drive these trucks.

Paying the 1st month's rent will Reserve a truck for you.

Step. 2

Step. 3

$150 for AUTO liability &  $150 for Business liability

We can drop it off, if your NOT             insuring the truck.