Rent A Food Truck Food Truck Rental

​     Step 1.                                  Step 2.                         Step 3.

 Once you have obtained           your city's health permit.

You can paint it, place logos  on it or wrap the truck with              your designs.

    Every truck has a different                  setup inside.

Start serving your product            to the people.

Choose a truck that will work best for you.

      Add graphics to the outer appearance of the truck

Here's how it works

If so, then renting a food truck may be  just the thing you are looking for..

  1. Do you have a passion for cooking?
  2. Do you want to be your own boss?
  3. Do you currently operate a marketing company?
  4. Need to access a food truck for a few events each year?
  5. Already own a food truck but are limited to the amount of events and catering opportunities you can attend each year?
  6. Do you already own a brick & mortar restaurant and want to market you brand? 
 Food Trucks are already acknowledged as the MOST affordable way to generate an income in the food business.

     Many prospective food truck operators don't have the   money or credit rating they need to get into the food truck game or maybe just need a food truck for a short period of time or just want to try it before they buy it.